prudsys personalization summit, Print-Personalisierung, Preisverleihung, Konferenz, Berlin

The KLiNGEL Group, one of Germany’s largest multi-channel mail-order retailers, is the winner of this year’s “Personalization Award”. prudsys AG gives this award for so-called best practice personalization models. The award was confered at the prudsys personalization summit in Berlin. KLiNGEL now joins the list of well-known award winners including and bonprix.

On 28 and 29 June numerous companies in the retail sector came together in Berlin for the prudsys personalization summit 2016. The event is considered the leading conference for news and trends in the field of omni-channel personalization in retail. Companies like KLiNGEL, Adolf Würth, and nu3 introduced technological innovations and discussed the challenges facing the retail industry today.

The event was also the stage to award the “Personalization Award 2016” to the multi-channel mail-order retailer KLiNGEL. The Pforzheim-based company impressed the expert panel with its innovative ideas for a personalized real-time customer approach in online shops, newsletters and print advertisements. KLiNGEL is a pioneer when it comes to personalization, especially in the field of customer approaches in print, boasting impressive customized package inserts and catalogues, which are realized in collaboration with Andrä AG. Jens Scholz, Managing Director of prudsys AG, explained the decision of the expert panel: “KLiNGEL attaches great importance to a personalized customer approach. The company has managed to successfully transfer this customer approach to the offline world. This is an important step in the direction of omni-channel personalization.” Ann-Sophie Reinelt, Inhouse Consulting at K-Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG (KLiNGEL Group), accepted the prize: “We are very pleased to gain this award and are already working on new ideas to offer our customers a unique shopping experience in the future.”

prudsys AG and the KLiNGEL Group have been working together since 2013. KLiNGEL uses the high-performance personalization software prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) both domestically and internationally in many of its brand outlets to address users with a customized approach via various channels.