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Maximize customer loyalty and earnings through personalized product and content recommendations.

Personalized recommendations are among the most important sales-promoting measures in retail. The use of an intelligent recommendation engine has frequently increased turnover by up to ten percent.

Thanks to the Internet, potential customers can find comparable product prices anywhere and at any time. As a result, the customer experience is the main differentiating criteria for retailers. A personalized customer approach across all sales channels is an elementary building block used to create a positive customer experience.

In the age of the connected customer, personalization has become much more than a simple matter of e-commerce. Customer demands have grown. They expect personally relevant offers tailored perfectly to their needs at every touchpoint – online, on the go and at the point of sale.

The goal of personalization nowadays must therefore be a customized approach across all channels – so-called 1:1 marketing.

Intelligent, real-time solutions that analyze customer behavior at all times and react immediately to changes guarantee maximum recommendation quality.

In addition, innovative recommendation engines go well beyond the automated generation of product recommendations. They are also able to recommend any type of content – from banners to editorial content right down to photos and videos. Not only will you increase customer loyalty and usability but you will also raise earnings by increasing the click rate of personalized advertising banners, for example.

Product recommendations in retail

Optimization of sales, earnings and customer loyalty


Fully automated 1:1 personalization of product offers in real time based on behavioral and historical customer data and taking into account environmental factors (e.g. channel, time and weather). Starting with the first click, it is also possible to personalize without using personal information. Intelligent real-time algorithms guarantee maximum product recommendation relevance through independent reinforcement learning.


Suitable for all groups of goods and products. High-value recommendations even for small shopping baskets, in long tail and for new products.


Automatic generation of customized product recommendations in e-commerce as well as at the POS, e.g. via innovative POS or clienteling systems. Personalized product recommendations can be generated in real time at all stages of the customer journey: offline, online, via e-mail in the call center on printed package inserts and using mobile devices.

Content recommendations on portals

Increase of sales, earnings, customer loyalty and interaction rates


Customized and fully automated generation of any type of content based on behavioral and historical user data while taking into account environmental factors (e.g. channel, time, weather and social events). Starting with the first click, it is also possible to personalize without using personal information. Intelligent real-time algorithms guarantee maximum content recommendation relevance through independent reinforcement learning.


Suitable for all editorial content, banners, photos, videos, links etc.


Automatic generation of personalized advertising banners on portal pages to optimize earnings and click-through rates (CTR), with calculation methods such as cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-lead (CPL), for example. Recommendations of editorial content customized to the user e.g. items, photos or videos to maximize usability, customer experiences and session duration. Personalized content recommendations can be perfectly generated on online portals and in newsletters in real time.

Case studies

Our clients rely on a variety of applications of real-time personalization to ensure the perfect customer experience. Personalized product and content recommendations in retail are the basis for a successful customer sales approach today. Targeted recommendations in real time sustainably increase sales and customer loyalty. Read our case studies to find out how our clients use recommendations in practice.

Case Studies und Best Practice Beispiele für Omnichannel-Personalisierung mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

Expert knowledge

Innovative methods and algorithms are the foundation for successful omni-channel personalization. The prudsys research and development team works daily on the real-time solutions of tomorrow. Would you like to know more about the technology behind the prudsys RDE and how we implement omni-channel personalization? Go to the “Knowledge” tab to find our current webinars, expert knowledge about mathematical methods and our media center with numerous contributions and videos on the topic of real-time personalization.

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