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Marketing Automation

Effective sales leverage thanks to customized behavioral predictions in real time.

Automated marketing activities are among the most effective measures in omni-channel retail. Intelligent agents create forecasts of individual customer buying habits while taking into account current behavioral information and master data. These agents are constantly learning from the interaction between customer behavior, generated marketing measures and user response. The scoring models used here represent a further development of classical data mining processes which can be used in real time.

As a general rule, the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) can implement two application scenarios in the field of marketing automation.

In the first scenario, the main focus is on ascertaining what marketing measure should be used for a certain customer at a specific time in order to optimize the purchase behavior to a desired parameter. The second scenario revolves around this question: to whom should a specific offer be made in order to maximize the probability of an addressee’s response to a specific marketing campaign? This type of personalized and automated sales pitch allows parameters such as sales, earnings and return on marketing investment (ROMI) as well as soft factors such as customer loyalty to sustainably and significantly increase.

Personalized marketing measures

Increase in sales and earnings


Optimize conversion using fully automated and targeted generation of marketing measures based on decision models used to predict customized user behavior. The prudsys RDE calculates the probability of occurrence of certain events by incorporating individual master data (historical data and real-time data). When previously specified threshold values are exceeded, the prudsys RDE automatically generates personalized incentives.


Suitable for all groups of goods and products.


Automated generation of personalized marketing measures (e.g. incentives) to increase the conversion rate when it comes to customers who could potentially cancel their shopping basket or return purchases. These measures can be used offline, online, via e-mail and on mobile devices.

Automated target group selection

Increase in return on marketing investment (ROMI)


Optimize conversion using fully automated customer selection and targeted incentives based on decision models used to predict user response. The prudsys RDE incorporates individual master data (historical data and real-time data) to calculate the ideal target group for the generation of a marketing campaign which it then executes fully automatically.


Suitable for all groups of goods and products.


Automated target group selection and generation of marketing campaigns to increase the recipient’s probability of response during newsletter campaigns or in the call center, for example.

Case studies

Omni-channel personalization opens up a variety of use cases. Retailers use marketing automation to reach the right target groups in their campaigns, achieving high response rates and providing appropriate incentives to customers who would potentially cancel their shopping baskets. Read our case studies learn what applications our clients use in practice to increase sales and customer loyalty over the long term.

Case Studies und Best Practice Beispiele für Omnichannel-Personalisierung mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

Expert knowledge

What is behind successful omni-channel personalization? Our research and development team works daily on innovative methods and algorithms for the business cases of tomorrow. Go to the “Knowledge” tab for a behind-the-scenes look at prudsys AG. Find expert knowledge about technology, numerous contributions in our media center and the dates of the current webinars on the prudsys RDE.

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