• prudsys RDE | Recommendation Engine für Recommendations, Marketing Automation, Dynamic Pricing in Echtzeit

Our solution – the prudsys RDE

The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) is the leading system for omni-channel personalization in retail.

We use the prudsys RDE to implement innovative real-time scenarios tailored 1:1 to the needs of our clients. The modular setup of the software allows to join together the components recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing to create a customized, overall solution for omni-channel business.

Whether you are generating personalized product recommendations in the online shop, sending individual discount coupons via the newsletter or are interested in automatically generating target groups for your marketing campaign – the prudsys RDE is the right tool at every time. Activate the appropriate services in our easy to use web client to get started.

Recommendations plus Marketing Automation plus Dynamic Pricing imit der Recommendation Engine prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine - Omnichannel-Personalisierung im Handel.

Get to know the modules of the prudsys RDE

Get closer than ever to your customer and transform unused information into turnover-increasing knowledge.


Use our recommendation engine to offer your customers product and content recommendations at every touch point as well as highly relevant personalized search results. Score points with a unique customer experience and maximize customer loyalty and your earnings.

prudsys RDE | Recommendation Engine für Produktempfehlungen und Contentempfehlungen in Echtzeit

Marketing Automation

Generate reliable forecasts in real time about the behavior of your users and generate the right incentive at the right time to optimize your conversion rate. Increase the probability of response to your marketing measures by automatically selecting the perfect target group.

prudsys RDE | Recommendation Engine für personalisierte Marketing Automation in Echtzeit

Dynamic Pricing

Calculate the optimal price for millions of items at any time while taking into account all relevant influencing factors. On top of that, take advantage of the up-selling potential of individualized discounts by automatically combining product and price using intelligent couponing solutions.

prudsys RDE | Recommendation Engine für Dynamic Pricing & Preisoptimierung in Echtzeit

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Jan Lippert

Director Sales & Authorized Officer
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