Konferenz und Messe für digitales Marketing in Köln, E-Commerce

Digital retail the personalized way: prudsys AG will present its Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) at the dmexco trade show in Cologne on September 16 and 17, 2015. The business cases of its real-time personalization solution can be seen in Hall 6, booth G020. Using the prudsys RDE, customers on all channels will benefit from a unique shopping experience.

The dmexco trade show in Cologne (September 16-17, 2015) is one of the leading trade shows for digital marketing and advertising, attracting more than 30,000 visitors, renowned brand exhibitors such as Google or Facebook, offering numerous presentations and seminars. Real-time personalization specialist, prudsys AG, will be exhibiting at the trade show again this year with a new stand concept. Based on the three business cases “Recommendations”, “Marketing Automation” and “Dynamic Pricing”, visitors will learn how customer retention and earnings in online shopping can be increased through the personalization of all sales channels in real time.

The prudsys RDE is one of the most successful personalization solutions worldwide and enables retailers to offer their customers a unique shopping experience at all touchpoints. Intelligent self-learning algorithms analyze the behavior of every individual user and react automatically in real time. Personalized content and dynamic prices, for example, can be generated in the online shop, newsletter, call center or smart TV. The results are impressive leading to a high acceptance rate, a positive influence on customer satisfaction and a substantial increase in sales.

Business Case 1: “Recommendations”
Personalized recommendations are among the most important sales-promoting measures in business. With the prudsys RDE, the fully automated 1:1 personalization of product offers, search results or other types of content is realized in real time. Recommendations are calculated based on behavioral and customer data and taking into account environmental factors. Personalization from the first click is possible even without personal information.

Business Case 2: “Marketing Automation”
In the automation of marketing activities, the prudsys RDE calculates the forecasts of individual customer buying habits while taking into account current behavioral information. On the one hand, the system is able to determine which marketing measures a certain customer should be offered at a certain time in order to optimize the purchase behavior to a desired parameter (e.g. turnover or customer retention). On the other hand, the system selects the target group, to whom a specific offer should be made in order to increase the probability of response of the addressee of a marketing campaign.

Business Case 3: “Dynamic Pricing”
The price is the most effective turnover and sales lever. With a large variety of products in the range as well as external influencing factors, retailers have to determine the optimal price-sales functions and price elasticities on a daily basis. With the prudsys RDE, the optimal price of an item can be calculated automatically at any time, increasing performance data such as turnover, earnings and sales for individual products, product categories or the entire range.

The following video at bit.ly/the-power-of-personalization provides an overview of how customer loyalty and revenue can be increased sustainably by personalizing all sales channels with the prudsys RDE in real time.

prudsys will be presenting these and other innovative features at dmexco in Cologne in Hall 6, booth G020, on September 16 and 17, 2015. Appointments can be made in advance at www.prudsys.com