In order to fulfil our obligation to provide information in accordance with Art. 12, 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as relates to your application, we are pleased to provide you with our data protection information.

Who is responsible for data processing?

The responsible party as pertains to data privacy laws is

prudsys AG

Zwickauer Str. 16, 09112 Chemnitz, Germany

Place of jurisdiction: AG Chemnitz, Company Register B No. 20264

Managing Director: Jens Scholz


What information of yours do we process? And for what purpose?

As a rule, these purposes include:

  • establishing and implementing a contractual relationship following an application process initiated by you or in response to advertised positions

 As a rule, this data includes:

  • First name/ Last name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Earliest start date
  • Qualifications

Data processing for other purposes only comes into question when the legal requirements pursuant to Art. 6 para. 4 of the GDPR are set out as required. In this case, we will naturally take into consideration any potential obligation to provide information.

What is the legal basis for the data processing?

Art. 88 GDPR in conjunction with § 26 para.1 pg.1 BDSG [German Data Protection Act] form the legal basis for the processing of personal information. If your application is successful, your personal information is added to our personnel file and is used in accordance with the purposes of the “employee management” process.

How long is the information stored?

Any personal information collected is stored for:

  • at least three months in the event of an unsuccessful application. The information will be stored for a maximum of six months in this case.
  • In the case of a successful application: our storage terms for employees apply. Upon employment you will be provided with the information to which you are entitled.

To which recipients is the data forwarded?

Your personal information is never passed on to third parties.

Where is the data processed?

Your personal information is processed by us exclusively in the European Union which means that the General Data Protection Regulation applies to the processing of your information at all times.

Your rights as a “concerned party”

You have the right to know about the personal information we have processed about you.

In the case of requests for information not submitted in writing, please understand that we may ask for you to provide proof that you are actually the person you say you are.

Further, you have the right to amend, delete or restrict the processing of your information as far as is legally permitted.

You also have the right to object to the processing of your information to the extent permitted by law. The same applies to the right to data portability.

To exercise this right, please contact the person in charge of data protection at: moc.sysdurp@retgartfuaebztuhcsnetad

Furthermore, you have the right to submit a complaint to a data protection supervisory authority regarding our company’s processing of your personal information.

Person in charge of data protection matters

If you have questions about data protection as regards your application or our application management system, please contact us at any time at moc.sysdurp@retgartfuaebztuhcsnetad.