E-Commerce Messe in München

Dynamic and personal: prudsys AG will be presenting its Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) at the Internet World trade show in Munich on March 1st and 2nd, 2016. Among other things, this software allows thousands of product prices to be automatically calculated in real time to adapt to customer behavior and changing environmental conditions.Every year, hundreds of exhibitors in the fields of e-commerce and online marketing are represented at the B2B trade show Internet World in Munich (1-2 March 2016). Real-time personalization specialist, prudsys AG, will be exhibiting at the trade show once again this year. Practical examples show visitors to booth D 214 in hall B6 how customer loyalty and business sales are increased through personalization across all sales channels. Current industry focus, along with the use of personalized recommendations and marketing automation, is on the topic of dynamic pricing. This refers to optimum pricing including the aspects of product profitability calculation and sales control. The range of products of many retailers as well as external factors make it virtually impossible to manually calculate the ideal price at any point in time. The prudsys RDE automatically finds the best possible pricing for each item in real time.

The prudsys RDE is one of the most successful personalization solutions worldwide, enabling retailers to offer their customers a unique shopping experience across all channels. Intelligent, self-learning algorithms analyze the behavior of each individual user and react in real time. Personalized content and dynamic prices can thus be automatically generated in the online shop, newsletters, call centers or on smart TV. This results in high acceptance rates, increased customer satisfaction and considerably increased turnover for retailers. prudsys AG will present select business cases at Internet World. Appointments can be made in advance at prudsys.de/en/internetworld.