Personalized product feeds in the online shop with the prudsys RDE

Echtzeit-Lösung für Omnichannel-Personalisierung im Handel

prudsys AG, specialist in personalization software, announces the latest version of the prudsys RDE. Among other things, the prudsys RDE 3.9.0 contains a tool for creating personalized product feeds for online shops. That makes it possible to automatically adapt the shop for each individual customer according to his individual interests.The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) makes it possible for retailers to seamlessly tap into the advantages of 1:1 marketing across all sales channels in order to offer every customer a personalized shopping experience. Effective immediately, the Major Release 3.9.0 is available for the prudsys RDE. In addition to improved usability thanks to a new web client, the release provides numerous innovative features for a successful individual customer approach. For example, now personalized product streams (feeds) can be created for each individual customer in an online shop and then placed at various points, such as the start page. This way, each customer is presented with a personalized online shop, tailored to his current interests.

The personalized feeds contain things like watch lists for customers and appropriate recommendations or new products. Up until this point, clicks, shopping baskets and purchases have formed the basis for calculating recommendations with the prudsys RDE. However, many online shops now offer their customers new interactive options such as watch lists, likes and product reviews. These additions provide valuable information about the personal interests and make it possible to enhance personalization. With the new release of the prudsys RDE 3.9.0 all of the actions of a customer in the online shop can now be taken into account when calculating personalized recommendations.

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