Intelligent Personalization & Recommendations

At every point of the customer journey, offer your customers shopping experiences that are tailored 1:1 to their personal needs. Take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence and transform your data into turnover-boosting knowledge. Use personalized product recommendations to delight your customers, use personalized purchase incentives to avoid shopping basket cancellations and segment the target groups of your campaigns for an optimal ROI.

For shopping experiences as unique as your customers

Personalization & Recommendations

What is personalization?

On our page “Personalization in Retail” you’ll find everything you need to know about personalization and recommendations in e-commerce and at the point of sale. We answer the following questions: How do we define personalization? Why is the real-time aspect so important? What’s the role of artificial intelligence in personalization? Which benefits does personalization hold for retailers and customers? Which touchpoints may be personalized? What’s the difference between recommendation logic and recommendation type? And last but not least: How can you assess the quality of your personalization measures?