Maximization of value across all sales channels with prudsys RDE’s Major Release 3.10.0

Echtzeit-Lösung für Omnichannel-Personalisierung im Handel

prudsys AG, specialist in omni-channel personalization, releases Major Release 3.10.0 of its personalization software prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short). This release includes a new interactive statistic for optimal performance control as well as numerous new functions to maximize customer value.

The prudsys RDE makes it possible for retailers to offer customers a unique shopping experience across all sales channels in real time. Major Release 3.10.0 is available immediately and offers a number of new features.

Interactive statistics for optimal performance control

The recommendation statistic in the prudsys RDE user interface features important key performance indicators including template acceptance and turnover from recommendations. This data can be provided as a raw dataset for processing in third-party systems. Effective immediately, the user can also display the confidence intervals of the purchase conversion and the average order value graphically. This is also ideal as a tool for evaluating A/B tests that have been conducted to optimize the personalization strategy.
The recommendations statistic is extremely versatile, available immediately for use on end devices such as tablets. Thanks to interactive elements, such as the project timeline and template overview, the key performance indicators can be filtered in real time.

New features in the field of dynamic pricing: More options for personalized pricing strategies

Self-learning algorithms calculate product price elasticity and provide category management with forecasts regarding gross profit, turnover, and sales, in addition to the suggested price. The current prudsys RDE release 3.10.0 offers significant improvements for evaluating these forecasts: This means, among other things, that it will be easier for users to understand why the pricing algorithm has selected a given price. In addition, more details about individual products, including simulation results, can be displayed. This includes information about pricing with trend displays, classification into the permissible price structure and the historical course of price development based on clicks and purchases.

Increased automation and flexibility within the cluster architecture

Scalability is a main criterion for IT systems, allowing them to flexibly respond to new requirements. The cluster architecture of the prudsys RDE allows an extensive number of queries to be processed at a high clock rate and with low response times. Cluster installation was further simplified with the prudsys RDE 3.10.0. Effective immediately, individual work steps such as creating user roles within the cluster are automated.

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