• prudsys Webinare: Expertenwissen über Recommendations, Marketing Automation & Dynamic Pricing

Expert knowledge about pricing and personalization

Apply hands-on knowledge immediately

Short and to the point – the webinar on the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short). Join one of our free webinars to find out in just 30 minutes how you can use the prudsys RDE to make your business model even more successful.

Using lots of practical examples we will show you how to effectively personalize your customer interaction across all sales channels in real time. Reach your customers at every touchpoint with tailored content and offers, optimizing their customer experience, sustainably increasing customer loyalty and growing your earnings.

Thanks to its modular structure, the use of the prudsys RDE is virtually limitless in a wide range of business scenarios. The sales channel is irrelevant – personalization works in online shops, on smartphones, in newsletters and at the point of sale.

We use real case studies in our webinars to present a variety of real-time scenarios in the fields of recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing. Contact us now free of charge to set up your appointment.

Webinars in German

At the moment we offer webinars in German only. We are working on fresh webinar content and promise to offer new webinars in English very soon.

If you want to learn more about our real-time solution right now: No problem! Make an appointment for your personal web session and let us show you how you can use personalization at your touchpoints.

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Webinar prudsys AG mit Markus Elbers

Markus Elbers

Sales Manager
Phone: +49 371 27093-86
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