prudsys XELOPES

Our powerful algorithm library for your success.

The prudsys XELOPES is a platform and data source-independent business intelligence library which unites classical data mining methods and new real-time analytics. On the one hand, the library can be used as standalone software, offering pre-fabricated solutions to fundamental problems in data analytics. On the other hand, it also functions as an analytical tool embedded in other software products. Due to its numerous algorithms, the prudsys XELOPES can offer appropriate solutions, especially for new and complex problems.

The prudsys XELOPES focuses on algorithms customized for use with extremely large amounts of data in real time. This includes the agent framework: Based on approaches in artificial intelligence, there is a framework that offers universal access to all real-time methods. At the center of this framework is an agent that learns from the stimuli in its environment and then acts accordingly. This approach can be used with product recommendations, automated pricing and real-time scoring.

Benefits of prudsys XELOPES

Outstanding prudsys algorithms

Supports fundamental data mining standards such as PMML

Flexible and platform-independent architecture

Comprehensive data mining and agent framework

Application layers for reinforcement learning and dynamic pricing

Algebraic package for LAPACK/BLAS functionality including tensors

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Head of Data Science
Phone: +49 371 27093 40
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