Good decisions are always based on sound knowledge. We are happy to share our expertise with you and explain the background of successful price optimization and personalization. To help you make those important decisions, we are passing on our extensive knowledge and years of experience in omni-channel retail to you. We are your mentor, helping you achieve success by supporting you with our expertise every step of the way.

What is artificial intelligence (AI) for retail?

On our page “What is artificial intelligence” you’ll find everything you need to know about the trending topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in omnichannel retail. We answer the following questions: How do we define AI? What are AI’s strengths? Why do we sometimes compare AI to chess? What are machine and reinforcement learning? What is the role of AI in personalization and dynamic price optimization? And more.

What is price optimization?

On our page “What is price optimization” you’ll find everything you need to know about intelligent pricing in omnichannel retail. We answer the following questions: How do we define dynamic price optimization? Which approaches does prudsys use? Which pricing factors are particularly relevant? Which role does your pricing strategy play and which KPIs may be optimized? What is the role of artificial intelligence? And many more.

What is personalization?

On our page “What is Personalization” you’ll find everything you need to know about personalization and recommendations in e-commerce and at the point of sale. We answer the following questions: How do we define personalization? Why is the real-time aspect so important? What’s the role of artificial intelligence in personalization? Which benefits does personalization hold for retailers and customers? Which touchpoints may be personalized? What’s the difference between recommendation logic and recommendation type? And last but not least: How can you assess the quality of your personalization measures?


Join one of our free webinars to find out in just 30 minutes how you can automate your price optimization and personalization processes based on artificial intelligence. Using lots of practical examples we will show you how to optimize your pricing and how to effectively personalize your customer interaction across all sales channels in real time.

prudsys personalization index

Find out how well you are prepared for the retail of the future. The prudsys personalization index determines the degree of maturity of your personalization measures along the dimensions of organization, expertise and technology. Let us calculate your index value and rank it according to the five-stage maturity model of personalization. Together we will infer short, middle and long-term strategies for optimizing your customer experience.


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