Personalisierung: Automatisierte Zielgruppenselektion für Kampagnen in Echtzeit mit prudsys, Spezialist für KI im Handel: Dynamic Pricing, Personalisierung & Recommendations

After a brief look at my book newsletter I quickly decide whether to move it to the recycle bin or click on another link. As a fan of detective novels I am always thrilled with newsletters containing new releases in this genre. Children’s books and parenting guides are also high on my wish list. I am less enthused about new releases in romance novels. If my bookseller knows this and his newsletter caters to my desired categories, the probability of my buying something increases significantly and I end up contributing to his successful conversion rate.

With the appropriate personalization software, retailers like you can manage target group specific campaigns, reducing scatter losses and considerably increasing response rates. Let’s continue with the example of the detective novel: You would like to use your newsletter to advertise the book series by Henning Mankell as well as the audio books of the detective series. The newsletter should only be sent to customers interested in this genre. The personalization software automatically segments your customer base for the campaign, incorporating historical transaction data and current click data, and allows your newsletter to reach only those customers that are most likely to be interested. A target group specific newsletter considerably lowers the risk of your customers getting annoyed, the email disappearing into the depths of the inbox or, in the worst case scenario, the recipient unsubscribing from the newsletter. It allows you to create the foundation for a successful campaign, which in turn contributes to a positive brand image.

You can easily have an intelligent campaign by way of target group selection using a newsletter campaign or in the form of a print campaign:

Achieve higher order rates through intelligent newsletter campaigns

E-mail marketing is one of the most popular and most successful marketing initiatives. E-mail marketing is a permanent component of marketing for 84% of German companies. According to a survey of 950 companies conducted by Newsletter2Go in 2017, 55% segment their recipients.

Let’s say you run an online shop for fashion items. You would like to advertise the new men’s shoe collection for Nike and adidas. Using the slogan “a fit start to spring”, you offer shoes for a variety of sports for both brands in the newsletter. Personalization software measures all of the clicks and purchases in real time as well as the historical click and transaction data of your customers. By evaluating this data, the software determines the appropriate target group for your shoe campaign. For example, if a customer predominantly clicks on products by adidas or Nike or frequently buys items related to your advertised products, this is added to the target group. You can also exclude customers from your campaign who have already purchased shoes from the new collections of the sporting brands. With the help of the personalization software, you can merge different target groups, intersect the results or form the complement as desired.
Experience shows that retailers that use intelligent newsletter campaigns and automatically segment their target groups achieve higher order rates and higher turnover than newsletters without target group segmentation.

Increase your sales through relevant print campaigns

In recent years, customers have been increasingly requesting printed catalogs. Personalization and storytelling are important tools for creating relevant and exciting content. Many customers enjoy browsing through printed catalogs provided the content is of interest to them. Many customers use the printed sample as a starting point to then visit the retailer’s online shop. The study conducted by Splendid Research on behalf of OnetoONE corroborates this: every second catalog recipient visits the retailer’s online shop after browsing in the printed catalog.

The same things that apply to e-mail marketing also apply to your intelligent print campaign. The personalization software calculates the right target group for your printed mailing. For example, you are looking to advertise your wine and cheese selection through a print campaign. With the motto “Wine and cheese specialties from around the world”, you offer a wide selection of aromatic fresh, soft and hard cheeses along with the appropriate wine to go with them. Based on click and purchase patterns, the personalization software evaluates who demonstrates an affinity to one or both of the categories. Selection of your target group by the personalization software is dynamic rather than static and is based on the most current data.

Would you like to start an intelligent campaign?

We would be happy to set up an appointment or web session to advise you how to implement your event-driven campaigns for the appropriate target group and thus increase your conversion rate. Our webinars (in German) also regularly include input on this topic.