prudsys AG, GK Software, Omnichannel-Handel

As part of a pioneering technology partnership, GK Software, a leading international supplier of in-store solutions for retail trade, is integrating the leading personalization software prudsys RDE into its GK/Retail POS solution. This partnership enables an integrated and customized sales approach, both in online stores as well as in retail businesses, allowing retailers to optimize service and increase sales.

Due to significant sales increases for online dealers, e-commerce without a personalized sales approach is unimaginable. The technology for personalization has now also arrived on the scene of retail business. GK Software AG integrated the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) into its current GK/Retail POS solution which brings together all sales channels, both online and offline. GK/Retail features an innovative app interface which allows solutions such as the prudsys RDE to be seamlessly integrated into the POS software without changing the standard software and puts them in a position to react to events such as items, promotions etc. Thanks to the personalized product recommendations generated by the prudsys RDE, in-store employees can offer much better service as regards “clienteling” and can also offer customers further recommendations based on their individual preferences.

The GK omnichannel and clienteling solution is compatible with tablets and enriched by the real-time recommendations of the prudsys RDE. It helps in-store employees reach a new level of customer service. In-store employees can use this application to record purchases and process payment transactions. At the same time it can be used to access the company’s online shop. Based on the customer’s ID presented on site, e.g. an email address, the employee can offer suitable recommendations according to the customer’s previous online purchasing patterns as well as products viewed at the POS. These recommendations are then immediately displayed in a personalized customer area within the checkout system. The prudsys RDE calculates and generates these recommendations on the tablet in real time. Once the customer has decided on a product, the GK application immediately indicates whether the product is available in the store or online. It is also possible to check the inventory on hand for the desired product. Upon request, the item can be delivered to the customer’s door or picked up at the store using the Click & Collect option. By including this information, the customer benefits from superior customer service. At the same time, the probability of purchase is greatly increased.

Michael Jaszczyk, CTO of GK Software: “We see great sales potential in a personalized sales approach in the retail business. Our solution for retailers, combined with the prudsys RDE, provides retailers with the opportunity to individually serve their customers in-store. The combination of a POS solution and a recommendation engine is an important milestone for omnichannel trade thanks to the integration of online and offline channels.”

Silvio Steiger, Head of Business Development at prudsys continues: “With this partnership, we are making room for completely new application scenarios in business, scenarios in which customers and dealers alike will benefit. In addition to personalized product recommendations, our next goal is to provide personalized rebates and coupons in the GK/Retail POS checkout software. These rebates and coupons will be tailored to each customer, strengthening customer loyalty.”