In our FAQ you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE).

Many of the major brands and retailers such as babywalz, bonprix, Conrad, Coop, Douglas, Obi, Thalia, Sanicare, Würth, and delticom have been successfully using the prudsys RDE for years. See for yourself how many customers put their trust in us:

Yes. As a prudsys AG customer you are entitled to support. A fixed contact person is available to you during business hours. Outside of business hours you can contact our support team via an emergency number at any time.

Yes. prudsys RDE recommendations can be embedded into any HTML capable newsletter. This way, each recipient can be addressed personally and provided with customized recommendations.

Yes. At first instance the prudsys RDE runs on a server system which can either be in your computer center or hosted by prudsys. The individual modules of the prudsys RDE are controlled from the font-end of your online shop by way of HTTP requests. At the same time, all of the necessary tracking information (clicks, shopping baskets, queries, purchases etc.) is passed on to the prudsys RDE server which then calculates recommendations based on this data in real time and returns them to your online shop in, for example, the simple JSON format. This data can be easily interpreted and further processed by any system with internet access.

Yes. The prudsys RDE offers special solutions in this case. You can either use them exclusively in your physical retail shop or combine them with your online shop. Whether it is a personalized customer approach, dynamic product range planning, couponing, price optimization in real time or marketing automation – prudsys has a completely tailored solution for your business scenario.

Yes. The prudsys RDE can generate any type of content (e.g. editorial content, banners, videos, links etc.) as a recommendation with the highest degree of personal relevance for each individual user.

Depending on your choice of module and the application, the prudsys RDE will help increase:

  • Your conversion rate
  • The time your customers spend on your website
  • The click rate of your customers
  • The open rate of your newsletter
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Cross-selling and up-selling potential
  • Your product margins
  • Your turnover and customer lifetime value

You will also benefit from the following additional advantages:

  • Less purchase cancellations
  • Reduction of return rate
  • Quick implementation and minimal maintenance
  • Unlimited scalability (e.g. with a growing product portfolio)
  • High degree of automation thanks to real-time learning of prudsys RDE
  • 1:1 personalization from the first click (even with previously unknown users)
  • Integrated A/B tests to measure success
  • Minimal amortization time
  • Automated and personalized customer approach across all sales channels

The prudsys RDE offers more than 20 types of function to display personalized content. Among these are, for example, “User to Product”, “Product to Product” and “Topseller”. For each of the templates to be personalized you can conveniently select the appropriate type of function in the prudsys RDE Client to reach your desired target value. Your prudsys AG contact person will be pleased to advise you.

Your product portfolio is not the deciding factor when it comes to using the prudsys RDE in a meaningful way.

The prudsys RDE recommendations are calculated and generated in real time when the newsletter is opened. Both historical information about the user (previous clicks, purchases etc.) as well as current user behavior (current clicks, searches etc.) are incorporated into the calculation of the recommendations. Newsletters generated using the prudsys RDE are thus always perfectly up-to-date (e.g. inventory) and relevant to each individual customer.

The prudsys RDE interacts in real time with each user. Of particular note is that our engine analyzes the behavior of each user in real time and then learns from this information. In other words, it is constantly optimizing its own recommendations throughout the session in progress. The profile data of your users is not necessary. However, if required and given existing authorization, this data may be used at any time to enrich the recommendation results. The goal of the recommendation calculation is not just to provide customers with recommendations for products that they would have purchased anyway or for products that might be interesting based on the customer profile (gender, age etc.). Instead, and thanks to its real-time interaction with the user, the prudsys RDE is in a great position to guide its customers to products in which those customers didn’t even know they were interested. This allows you to provide your customers with an absolutely unique shopping experience. There are always new offers to discover that are relevant to each individual and that will most likely lead to a further purchase. The prudsys RDE is not designed for singular marketing measures but instead maximizes the entire customer lifetime value by personalizing all of the touchpoints on the customer journey.

The prudsys RDE fulfills all requirements for the use of online advertising methods in accordance with GDPR data protection rules. We’d be happy to work on a customized solution with you to use your user-specific advertising methods in compliance with data protection laws. Please direct any specific questions about the project to your contact person or to