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Our customers

Many leading retailers like babywalz, bonprix, Conrad, Coop, Douglas, Klingel, Otto, Obi, SportScheck, Thalia and Würth place their trust in us and have been successfully using the prudsys RDE for years.

Over the years, prudsys AG has established itself as the market and technology leader in the field of dynamic omni-channel personalization for retail. Many of the top hundred mail order companies in Germany as well as customers in other parts of Europe and all over the world rely on the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short). Using perfect real-time personalization, B2C and B2B retailers take part in an incomparable customer experience and are able to maximise commercial profit.

It is not only the customer focus that retailers and manufacturers appreciate about our omni-channel solution. They also know that a good partnership and customer satisfaction always come first for us. Our professional services team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer you the absolute best service possible. We are there for you throughout every phase of your project and will guide you safely to your goal. Over 200 satisfied customers in 34 countries can vouch for this philosophy.

Customer references

Our customers are happy to share their experiences with the prudsys RDE, giving you an idea of what it’s all about in their success stories. Learn first-hand how versatile the market’s leading solution for dynamic omni-channel personalization really is.

Case studies

Satisfied customers are our best reference. Our case studies represent practical examples of our solution for real-time personalization. Take a look at selected customer projects in omni-channel retail and their results here.

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An excerpt from our list of references