Leading retailers like babywalz, bonprix, C&A, Coop, Douglas, Obi, Sanicare, Thalia, WMF and Würth place their trust in us and have successfully used the prudsys RDE for years. Using dynamic price optimization and effective omnichannel personalization, B2C and B2B retailers maximise their commercial profit with our solutions.

 Our professional services team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer you the absolute best service possible. We are there for you throughout every phase of your project and will guide you safely to your goal. Over 200 satisfied clients in 34 countries can vouch for this philosophy.

What our clients say about us

Excited clients are the best measure of the quality of our work. See for yourself.

After the successful launch of the new coop.ch omnichannel platform, the Personalization Service is another powerful engine to improve the customer experience. In addition to the strategic consulting provided on the project, the range of functions and the software’s performance were the main reasons for our decision to partner with prudsys and GK.

Frederik MantelHead of Omnichannel Experience Solutions, Coop

“Our price management has been very successful with prudsys and we have decided to pursue this partnership over the long term. We have been impressed with the intelligence behind the pricing solution and the professional support on the part of the prudsys project team.”

Tim BluemelDirector of Sales at 11teamsports

„We have been working with prudsys for many years and are impressed with the pruddsys RDE. The realtime algorithms used in the personalization solution ensure a high customer response. For us, an integrated, personalized customer approach across all channels is the key to successful customer retention.“

Sven KlennerDirector of Sales eCommerce and Marketing at Thalia

The prudsys RDE is the perfect basis for the successful implementation of our entire personalization strategy across all sales channels. In addition to personalizing our online shop, it also includes telephone orders via our call center or our smart TV app. We are currently evaluating use cases for marketing automation and dynamic pricing – we are looking forward to the results of applying these innovative technologies.

Mathias SchwenckDepartment Head IT, BI & Planning at 1-2-3.tv

What really convinced us was the quality of the personalized content: the prudys RDE’s intelligent algorithms provide our customers with personalized product recommendations they are really interested in, both in our online shop and in the newsletter. Working closely with our contact persons at prudsys enabled us to implement our personalization strategy in an optimum way, considerably increasing sales from recommendations.

Katrin TemperOnline Site Merchandiser at miaVILLA – Wohnen & Wohlfühlen

“We want to provide our customers with the best deals and professional advice in the online shop. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for innovative technologies. The prudsys RDE allows us to provide every customer with the right product, specifically adapted to that customer’s personal preferences. By using it, both customer satisfaction and sales from recommendations have increased in a short period of time.”

Heinrich MeyerHeinrich Meyer, Head of Online Pharmacy SANICARE

How our clients realize pricing and personalization

We have more than just a business relationship with many of our clients. We are reliable partners and mentors. To give you an idea about how we work with our clients, here is some insight into selected pricing and personalization projects.

Video interviews with interesting insights into practice

Every year, our customers and partners have their say at the retail intelligence summit. In exciting presentations, they present a wide range of application examples for prudsys solutions from their practice. See for yourself!

Price optimization at Sanicare

Interview with Heinrich Meyer from Sanicare

How do rule-based pricing and AI-based dynamic price optimization work together successfully in different pricing processes? In his presentation at the retail intelligence summit “Sales and earnings optimization through automated pricing at SANICARE”, Heinrich Meyer showed how Sanicare uses Dynamic Price Optimization for its range of products without price fixing in different price processes and how individual price optimization affects the business success of the online pharmacy.

The video interview gives you some personal insights into project implementation.

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Personalization in B2B sales

Interview with Patrick Flaig from ILC Technologies

How can B2B technical sales, with its countless products, benefit from AI-based cross-selling and up-selling recommendations and address and inspire its customers? This was demonstrated by Julius Beutel from Weidmueller, a specialist in industrial connectivity, and Patrick Flaig from ILC Technologies in their presentation at the retail intelligence summit 2019 “How Weidmueller Increased Margins and Turnover by Means of AI-based Recommendations for Cross and Upselling in the B2B Market”.

See a short live demo of the application in the video.

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Recommendations in a product search engine

Interview with Christian Borchert from moebel.de

How and where can a product search engine without a product detail page place recommendations that are accepted by customers? Christian Borchert explained in his lecture at the prudsys retail intelligence summit “Best Practice: Personalization in a Vertical Product Search Engine” how moebel.de, as a product search engine for furniture with more than 3 million articles, mastered this challenge and which KPIs increased with recommendations.

In this interview you will learn what the special challenges of moebel.de are and how they approach them in order to always present their customers with the best results.

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Personalization at Westfalia

Interview with Ingo Schmitt from Marketing Factory

How do personalized banners turn potential shopping cart abandoners into buyers? In his lecture “Personalized Personalization at Westfalia”, Ingo Schmitt showed how various banner contents affected the conversions using the example of an exciting series of tests in the Westfalia tool online shop.

Learn more about the difference between personalization and dynamic pricing in B2B and B2C in this interview.

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