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Relevant Category Recommendations Create a Higher Conversion Rate in the Online Shop

Categories and subcategories give your online store structure and are important signposts for your customers. As a navigation bar, these categories usually run through the entire online store. A logical category structure with appropriate names…
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How to Delight Your Customers and Increase Conversion Rates With Banner Personalization

By using personalization, you can adapt content at various touchpoints of the customer journey to meet the unique needs of your customers. In addition to the question of where you want to use personalized content, there is also the question…
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AI at the Point of Sale: Avoid Losses with Fraud Detection, Minimize Markdowns with Markdown Pricing and Strengthen Customer Loyalty with Smart Incentives

AI solutions are finding their way into more and more industries. Retailers are also investing in artificial intelligence (AI), because it allows them to simplify and accelerate their processes. Last year, the German Retail Association (HDE)…
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Personalization in online fashion retailing: how to convince customers with image similarity on the item detail page, in the shopping cart and on the wish list

The fashion industry presents online retailers with special challenges and opportunities. The industry is characterized by a high level of dynamism due to constantly changing seasonal fashions and the need to offer clothing that is "in fashion."…
Artificial intelligence at the point of sale: Three use cases for personalization to delight your customers (Part 2)

Artificial intelligence at the point of sale: Three use cases for personalization to delight your customers (Part 2)

Retailers juggle vast amounts of data on a daily basis - be it in inventory management, price management or with regard to good customer service. Artificial intelligence (AI) helps retailers in both physical and online stores to make sense of…
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Three ways artificial intelligence benefits customers and retailers at the point of sale (part 1)

Retailers deal with large amounts of data every day - be it in purchasing, inventory management or price management – throughout all processes along the value chain. Artificial intelligence (AI) supports online and stationary retailers alike…
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How to increase your conversion rate with intelligent campaigns

After a brief look at my book newsletter I quickly decide whether to move it to the recycle bin or click on another link. As a fan of detective novels I am always thrilled with newsletters containing new releases in this genre. Children’s…
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Five fresh ideas for personalization in the online store

Have you ever been frustrated while shopping at a retailer’s online store? Under what conditions do you feel that you want to continue shopping? Personally, I spend more time on a retailer’s site when I see products that match with my…
Black Friday 2020 - Personalization

Black Friday: Get noticed - five tips for a strong increase in sales

The busiest time of the year for retail begins in just under four weeks – are you prepared? A large German B2C online retailer recorded a substantial doubling of its shopping carts on Black Friday last year compared to “normal” days,…
Was haben Dynamic Pricing Systeme und Recommendation Engines gemeinsam?

What Do Dynamic Pricing Systems and Recommendation Engines Have in Common?

At first glance, Dynamic Pricing Systems and Recommendation Engines may not have too much in common. Dynamic Pricing is meant for targeted price optimization so a retailer can sustainably grow revenue and profit. Recommendation Engines, on the…