Personalization: Intelligent Segmentation


You want to run event-driven newsletter and print campaigns to reach the ideal recipients. For example, if the goal is to advertise a new crime novel, you must first automatically segment your customer base so that the book is only recommended to customers who are also interested in titles in this genre. Your goal is to avoid scatter losses, increase the conversion rate and, ultimately, to optimize your return on marketing investment (ROMI).


The prudsys RDE analyzes your customers’ shopping behavior using current and historical transaction data. The AI uses this information to identify a particular affinity to certain topics or product groups. For example, if a customer frequently purchases or clicks on products related to your promoted product, the probability of a positive response to your advertising initiative increases. Accordingly, the prudsys RDE creates reliable predictions of customer behavior, selects the ideal target group for each of your campaigns and purposefully generates the corresponding content. This happens completely automatically and in real time.


The automated selection of the right target groups for your campaigns enables you to use your resources strategically by only sending advertisements (e.g. coupons) to those customers interested in the advertised product. This allows you to significantly increase both the acceptance rate of such advertising initiatives and customer satisfaction. You also minimize scatter losses and avoid spam. The result is a significant increase in the conversion rate and the optimization of your ROMI.