Personalization: Incentives


You want to detect potential shopping basket abandoners at an early stage. Then, to offer these customers personalized incentives in real time to lock in their purchase decisions. The automated generation of individual incentives allows you to reduce the number of shopping basket cancellations while increasing your turnover and earnings at the same time.


The prudsys RDE calculates the probability of shopping basket cancellations in real time on the basis of decision models used to predict customer-specific behavior. To do this, the algorithm accesses your customers’ personalized master data and current transaction data. You specify in advance the probability of cancellation at which the AI should generate individual purchase incentives. When the corresponding threshold is exceeded, the prudsys RDE automatically generates personalized incentives. The incentive could be, for example, a banner that gives your customer a ten percent discount or free shipping if the order is completed in the next fifteen minutes.


The prudsys RDE helps you identify potential shopping basket abandoners in real time. At the same time you considerably reduce the number of shopping basket cancellations by offering your customers personalized shopping incentives as soon as the probability of cancellation exceeds a certain threshold. The result is a considerable increase in sales transactions and a greater average shopping basket value.