Personalization: Recommendations in the Store


You want to adapt the content of your digital advertising systems to daily newspapers, regional specialties and current customer behavior, e.g. the current demand in the store. The content should be selected automatically and in real time on the basis of a key performance indicator. The goal is to maximize the relevance of your advertising messages in each individual store. Offer each individual customer a positive shopping experience while at the same time increasing the value of the shopping baskets.


The prudsys RDE offers two solutions built upon one another. On the first level, the AI finds the exact offer that is relevant for the most customers in the respective store at the given time and selects it from the considerable amount of available content. Relevance is determined by way of demand-related behavior on scales, cash registers and self-scanners etc. On the second level, cross-selling potential is enhanced through customer-specific relevance. For example, when a customer registers an item using a self-scanner, personalized offers tailored 1:1 to the customer’s needs are temporarily generated on the next closest shelf stopper.


By automating the selection of the content for your digital advertising space, you can minimize the manual effort involved in your promotions. At the same time you ensure that your customers receive only the most relevant advertising messages at any given time and in every store. The result is a positive shopping experience and an increase in the average shopping basket value. Generating personalized product recommendations at every touchpoint in the store also increases your turnover by tapping into cross-selling potential.