Omnichannel Personalization: Recommendations


You want to personalize your customers’ shopping experience across all sales channels and give them a seamless customer experience. Your customers should only receive extremely personally relevant product recommendations in the online shop, the newsletter, the mobile shopping app, the call center and in the store. The goal is to maximize customer value over the entire customer journey.


The prudsys RDE analyzes customer interests primarily based on current behavioral data and including historical transaction data. Then, the prudsys RDE generates product recommendations, tailored 1:1 to the current needs of your customers, completely automatically at every touchpoint. Intelligent algorithms adapt in real time to the behavior of your customers, guaranteeing maximum recommendation quality. This means that personalization is possible starting with the first customer contact.


Using the prudsys RDE allows you to implement different personalization scenarios completely automatically in real time and at all touchpoints along the customer journey. This results in a significant increase in the conversion rate, turnover from recommendations and customer retention. At the same time you maximize customer value across all channels – both online and offline.