Personalized newsletters: recipe for success for nutrition expert nu3

Significant increase in click rates and sales in the newsletter at nu3.

nu3 Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

Within a few years nu3 GmbH has grown from a start-up into Europe’s leading supplier of intelligent nutrition. The Berlin-based company provides its customers with innovative products for weight loss, natural food, sport, health and beauty. The nutrition expert has a constantly growing range of products which currently stands at about 6500 items. The products are sold in the online shop in more than 20 countries around the world. nu3 uses e-mail marketing to notify its customers of upcoming offers and promotions. To do this, the company uses the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short). With the help of the module prudsys RDE | Newsletter, subscribers of the electronic mailing receive highly relevant, personalized product recommendations in real time.


Personalized, relevant content for each recipient

Elimination of tedious segmentation

Increase in click rate and sales from recommendations


Automated delivery of product recommendation in all e-mailings

Real-time analysis of user interests as well as inclusion of historical data when calculating recommendations

Quick software implementation


Highly relevant personalization due to 1:1 marketing

Implementation of consistent customer orientation

Click rate in newsletter increased by double digits

Sales from recommendations in newsletter improved significantly

Tim Becker, Head of CRM at nu3, talks about working with prudsys AG:

“Of particular note is the outstanding support and guidance on the part of prudsys. We worked very productively both during and after the implementation of the prudsys RDE. nu3 benefited greatly from prudsys’ wealth of experience and practical capability.”

The objective

E-mail marketing is one of the key tools in nu3’s communications policy. Customers receive exclusive coupons, discounts, expert tips and customized product information by way of regular newsletters and event driven e-mails. Thus far, nu3 has been statically assigning product ranges to recipients for this purpose and sending out numerous mailings with a variety of topics. This type of traditional segmentation is extremely time-consuming for those in charge of CRM. It also makes it extremely difficult to realistically reflect current customer interests. To optimize offer relevance for each individual recipient, a personalization solution was necessary. In addition to increasing click and sales from recommendations the goal was to eliminate the tedious, time-consuming segmentation process. At the same time there was a desire to create a foundation to quickly expand nu3’s communication activities on an international level.

The solution

nu3 decided to start using the prudsys RDE in 2015. The system, which is based on real-time analysis, is one of the world’s most successful personalization solutions. The module RDE | Newsletter generates personalized content for each individual recipient upon opening the e-mail. This guarantees that inventories and customer needs are perfectly up to date at all times. The personalized surfing and purchasing patterns of customers in the online shop as well as shopping basket history form the foundation. In addition, the prudsys RDE learns from the responses and clicking patterns of recipients in the newsletter, optimizing the quality of its own recommendations in real time. User effort is thus minimal. The choice of the e-mail marketing provider does not matter. The only requirement is to integrate a placeholder containing several links to the prudsys RDE into the HTML template of the mailing. Appropriate content is calculated and checks for item availability are then carried out fully automatically in realtime. Recommendations are loaded in the form of picture files. The prudsys RDE can easily take into account all personalized customer requirements. Flexible use of this personalization solution helped nu3 expand quickly. The system can currently be partially automatically installed internationally. nu3 is thus taking an innovative approach when it comes to developing infrastructure.

The result

By incorporating the module prudsys RDE | Newsletter, nu3 reaps the benefits of a targeted, personalized customer approach. Further, the company was able to optimize its costs in e-mail marketing. Success followed shortly after implementation. The KPIs in the CRM measures have improved significantly thanks to the use of the prudsys RDE. Click rates increased by double digits. And the development of the sales from recommendations also exceeded nu3’s expectations.

nu3 Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine