n11: intelligent recommendations, the path to first place

Increasing sales by 10 % thanks to the use of the prudsys RDE.

N11 Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

With more than 10,000 sellers and more than seven million products active every day, the online shop www.n11.com is one of the largest online market places in Turkey. With immediate effect, n11 is implementing intelligent real-time product recommendations, using the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short). Visitors to the marketplace are benefiting from online channels carrying personalized recommendations with high individual relevance. This has enabled n11 very quickly to improve customer satisfaction the total turnover of the online shop significantly.
At the start of 2014 the Turkish online marketplace n11 brought the topic of personalized experience more strongly to the forefront, to offer each customer in the online shop an individual buying experience. In the long term this should open the way to move from third place to first place in the Turkish e-commerce landscape. Initially the company started with a personalization solution developed in-house. After a brief test run, however n11 decided to use the prudsys RDE to increase the relevance of recommendations to the customers. Within a month, the prudsys RDE had been completely integrated into the n11 infrastructure. The modules prudsys RDE | Recommendations together with prudsys RDE | Newsletter offer n11 customers relevant product recommendations in real time on all the online channels and in all categories: in the online shop, in the mobile shop, in the mobile app and also in the newsletter.


Market leadership in Turkey

Increased turnover and increased rate of acceptance of recommendations

Generation of relevant recommendations even from very large product quantities


Improve customer experience by offering relevant product recommendations in real time

Generation of personalized product recommendations across all the online channels


Increase in total sales by 10 %

Acceptance rate of personal recommendations is 5 %

Already today the second-largest online marketplace in Turkey – with first place in their sights

Cenk Civici, Executive Vice President of n11 commented on the overall project:

“Personalization is one of the most effective sales-promoting measures in business. With a comprehensive personalization strategy we intend to take the leading role in the Turkish e-commerce market. Therefore we sought a solution that could perform in real time, handle even enormous quantities of data, be quick to integrate and would offer a wide variety of types of recommendations. The prudsys RDE has more than satisfied our expectations and we have seen a significant increase in turnover.”

The objective

n11 entered 2014 with the objective of becoming the leading online marketplace in Turkey. With the implementation of multiple marketing measures in the online shop, this objective has become their long-term aim. Not least of these measures has been a strong focus on the topic of personalized experience. Introduction of a high-performance recommendation engine was expected to increase customer satisfaction and significantly increase the turnover from recommendations. These measures were embedded in an all-encompassing personalization strategy, including the availability of intelligent recommendations across all online channels. The challenge consisted above all in generating for each customer personal product recommendations of very high relevance in real time, out of a daily rolling range of more than seven million items.

The solution

In order to significantly increase the turnover from recommendations, the company decided to replace its own in-house personalization solution with the prudsys RDE. With around 1 billion personalized recommendations a day, customers in 34 countries and more than 200 online shops, the prudsys RDE offers a very special buying experience. With a trade volume of over 8 billion USD from recommendations each year, the real-time analytics system is one of the most successful personalization solutions available today on the world market. Implementation of the module prudsys RDE | Recommendations in the company infrastructure was achieved within just one month. Since that time prudsys has been generating individual product recommendations in real time, in the online shop, in the mobile shop and in the mobile app. Precisely because the product variety is so large, the customer benefits from the generation of personalized product recommendations. The next step will be the implementation of the module prudsys RDE | Newsletter, so that recipients of the newsletter will also receive individual content. The recommendations are generated in real time only when the newsletter is opened, and thus offer very high personal relevance. This also avoids out-of-stock situations. The module prudsys RDE | Newsletter is currently in the test phase at n11 and will be extended to cover successively more types of recommendation in the future.

The result

The n11 comprehensive online strategy and effective personalization measures in its web shop have succeeded in further strengthening its market position. In a very short period of time these measures have taken n11 to second place in the Turkish e-commerce market, with a strong upwards trend. The customers of the online marketplace are now benefiting from personalized recommendations across all online channels. In 2014 the company grew its sales by 10 %, while the acceptance rate of recommendations is 5 %.

N11 Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

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