Price Optimization: Regular Pricing


You want to use intelligent, automated pricing to optimize your sales, turnover and/or earnings. To determine the fair market price for your item in real time from a number of pricing factors. To further expand your positive price image for your competitive items, gaining market shares. Category management should obtain pricing suggestions and have an impact on pricing at any time. Pricing of your less competitive items should be automated to maximize earnings. To have the freedom to decide whether the intelligent algorithms optimize prices more towards turnover (e.g. until costs have been recovered) or towards earnings. To automate workflows and achieve extremely high and stable pricing quality for your category management. To invest resources created in this way in your focus items and elementary strategic tasks for which you have had too little time during the day to day business.


We choose the right algorithms for your dynamic price optimization based on your pricing strategy. The prudsys RDE algorithms calculate thousands of product prices in real time while taking into account the pricing factors that are relevant to you. They react to changes in influencing factors in real time and are constantly learning. They generate the prices completely automatically to your sales channels at intervals determined by you. Or they provide category management with pricing suggestions.


With intelligent pricing you optimize your individual KPIs, individually or in combination, based on the specifications and prioritizations within your pricing strategy. For example, you increase your turnover, sales and earnings, boost margin per item, strengthen your price image on the market and expand your market share. Our pricing solutions automate the pricing processes for your entire product range, taking into account all relevant pricing factors. Our intelligent algorithms calculate fair market prices, even for extremely large product ranges in real time. This task could not be completed manually. You determine the frequency of the price adaptations for your sales channels. At the same time, automated pricing and price setting relieves your category management division. This way you have more freedom for other important strategic tasks and ensure your competitiveness in a highly dynamic market environment.