Biker-Boarder: significant growth in sales for cycling and winter sports specialist thanks to the prudsys RDE

Multiplication of sales from recommendations in the biker-boarder newsletter.

Biker-Boarder | Recommendations in shop & newsletter

With  more  than  20  years  of  experience,  Biker-Boarder  has  established itself as an expert in cycling and winter sports products. After starting the mail order business, the company experienced nationwide success. Today, features a wide variety of brand name products and is one of the go-to shops for sports enthusiasts all over Europe. Biker-Boarder and the prudsys AG – both Chemnitz-based companies began working together towards an extraordinary success story in 2011. Initially, the retailer used the SaaS solution designed for smaller shops, prudsys IREUS, to generate product recommendations in its online shop. Then, to gear its ever expanding online shop even more closely to the needs of individual customers, Biker-Boarder made the decision to upgrade to the extremely powerful prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short). Effective immediately, the modules prudsys RDE | Recommendations and prudsys RDE | Newsletter provide users and recipients of the electronic newsletter with extremely relevant personalized product recommendations in real time at various points of the ordering and purchasing process.


Real-time personalization of recommendations in the online shop and in the newsletter

Increase in relevance, conversion rate, open rate and sales


Implementation of a consistent, customer-oriented policy

Overall recommendation marketing in real time

Overall recommendation marketing in real time

High-value recommendations even for small shopping baskets


Measurably higher conversion rates

Significant increase in sales

Sales from recommendations of about 25%

Quadrupling of the sales from the newsletter

Danilo Woeschka, Head of Marketing at Biker-Boarder is satisfied:

“We have been working very successfully with prudsys since 2011. Our expectations of the prudsys RDE have been more than met. The real-time personalization of recommendations in the online shop and in the newsletter have considerably increased our sales. I would like to point out the absolute professionalism involved in the integration, the perfect individual service and the outstanding software documentation.”

The objective

The growth of the online shop and the success of online trade has brought forth new opportunities and challenges for To make the shopping experience even more convenient and personal for customers, product recommendations should be personalized in real time. Experience has shown that this leads to a high degree of customer satisfaction and a significant increase in the turnover. In addition, the newsletter should generate personalized offers, thereby increasing its relevance for individual recipients and the conversion rate. All in all, Biker-Board felt it was important to address and serve their customers personally across all communication channels to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty over the long term.

The solution

Biker-Boarder decided to start using the prudsys RDE in the fall of 2014. The system, which is based on real-time analysis, is one of the world’s most successful personalization solutions. Due to numerous filter options and a wide variety of recommendation types, the prudsys RDE offers customized design possibilities for any online shop. Thanks to express installation, the system at Biker-Boarder was converted within a few weeks and configured according to the shop’s special requirements. Now, with the use of the module prudsys RDE | Recommendations, products that actually correspond to the visitor’s purchasing interests are recommended on the category overview and product detail pages, for example. Recommendation calculations are based on click and purchase patterns in the online shop. Immediately following the implementation of the module prudsys RDE | Recommendations into the online shop in November 2014, the prudsys RDE | Newsletter module was integrated into the shop and software environment. The newsletter module automatically generates personalized content (product recommendations or infos) for each recipient in real time upon opening the e-mail. This guarantees that inventories and customer interests are perfectly up to date at all times. The module can also be used to determine and evaluate customer behavior in the newsletter.

The result

Biker-Boarder benefits from a strategic, personalized customer approach in both the online shop and the newsletter. Using the prudsys RDE enables the cycling and winter sports product experts to better serve customers in the online shop and effectively use cross-sell-ing potential. Since implementing the prudsys RDE, Biker-Boarder has increased sales from recommendations at peak times to 25% of total sales. Sales generated from the newsletter have quadrupled.

Biker-Boarder | Recommendations in shop & newsletter