Personalized search and sales approach at C.H. Beck

Increase in sales by 100 % at the online bookshop C.H. Beck.

Fachbuchhandlung Beck Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

With more than 4 million available book titles, journals, serial publications and online databases, is one of the most distinguished online specialized bookstores in Germany and stands in the professional book tradition of the Verlag C.H.BECK, one of Germany’s largest publishers of books and magazines. The Munich-based company founded in 1763 looks back not only on 250 years of company history steeped in tradition but also relies on innovative business models and technologies to best meet the needs of specialized book customers. It was recently awarded the coveted 1st place as customer champion 2014, confirming the extremely high service level of this specialized media shop.


Increase cross-selling

Optimal customer service

Increase sales


Implementation of a consistent, customer-oriented policy

Top quality recommendations for extensive product ranges

Customers benefit from a personalized search function

High-value recommendations even for small shopping baskets, in long tail and for new products or content


Increased cross-selling and customer satisfaction

100 % increase in sales from recommendations

20 % increase in conversion rate via search

The objective

An extensive range of products such as the one offered by specialized bookstore places high demands on customer service. Amidst the wealth of products, it is the publisher’s goal to serve customers even better and use cross-selling potential even more effectively. To achieve this goal, the publishing house is implementing a business solution that generates personalized content in the shop in real time. The goal was to fully implement recommendation marketing in the online shop. In the process, it was important to concentrate on the real-time focusing aspect of the software. The personalization solution should be able to constantly interact with the user, gauge the user’s reaction to the content and relate this to the behavior of all other users to achieve a high quality recommendation.

The solution

On a daily basis the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) offers customers in 34 countries a very special shopping experience with around 1 billion personalized recommendations in over 200 online shops. Intelligent analysis of buying habits and click patterns mean that customers and shop visitors are shown content with a high degree of personal relevance and guided towards the areas which really interest them.
By implementing the prudsys RDE in the shop at, customers are shown personalized content at different points of the order and purchase process. With the use of the modules prudsys RDE | Recommendations and prudsys RDE | Search, for example on the category overview and product detail pages as well as part of the search results, products are recommended that actually correspond to the visitor’s interests. Previously, only non-personalized recommendations were displayed for visitors and customers. In other words, they only saw products that other customers had bought together with the respective product. Now with the prudsys RDE it is possible to significantly increase recommendation quality based on customer search, click and purchase patterns. The system then automatically determines meaningful product combinations based on current clicks, related products and the evaluation of historical purchase data and generates them as purchase recommendations at different points in the order and purchase process. The self-learning prudsys RDE determines customer reaction to the recommended products in real time and modifies the quality of its own recommendations based on those reactions.
To lead customers more quickly and effectively to the product they are searching for, the module prudsys RDE | Search was integrated in addition to the module prudsys RDE | Recommendations. The search consists of a combination of classic search functionality and high-performance processes for personalized search results such as the ones used for personalized product recommendations. The search results are then tailored to the appropriate user profile based on the transaction and generated based on sales.

The result

By using the prudsys RDE in the online shop, Verlag C.H.Beck benefits from a strategic, personalized sales approach. Generating personalized recommendations has resulted in a demonstrable rise in customer satisfaction and increased sales in the online shop. Thanks to the use of the module prudsys RDE | Recommendations, sales from recommendations increased by 100 % compared to previously generated, non-personalized recommendations. And by generating personalized list of results, the conversion rate via search increased by 2 0%.

Fachbuchhandlung Beck Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

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