Product recommendations for the little ones are a huge hit: baby-walz successfully personalizes online shop and newsletter

Significant increase in sales from recommendations.

baby-walz | Personalization in online shop & newsletter

baby-walz GmbH has been selling baby items since its foundation in 1952. The range of products offered by the omni-channel retailer has since grown to more than 30,000. baby-walz offers young families everything they could possibly need to make life with young children a breeze; in the online shop, in the catalog and in over 50 shops across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From maternity wear to babycare products right down to toys and leisure items, the Bad Waldsee retailer carries it all. To provide its customers with a customized shopping experience, the company decided to start using the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) with its app, in the online shop, and in the newsletter.


Personalized shopping experience for the online shop, app and newsletter

Completely personalized start page

Increase in both sales from recommendations and click rates


Automated delivery of product recommendations via different digital channels in real time

Real-time analysis of user interests as well as inclusion of historical data when calculating recommendations

Plug-in as customized solution for the home page


Implementation of a consistent, customer-oriented policy

8 % sales from recommendations

12 % click rate on recommendations

Dr. Steffen Haak, Senior Product Owner E-Commerce at baby-walz:

“Using the prudsys RDE increases customer retention and effectively taps into cross-selling potential. Sales from recommendations rose to 8 % within one year and acceptance rates of recommendations are around 12 % across all channels.”

The goal

Digital sales channels should boast the same high degree of consultancy expertise that is available in-store: baby-walz endeavors to offer its customers an extremely personally relevant shopping experience through the app, the online shop and in the newsletter. The recommendation system should generate relevant product recommendations based on current behavioral data and historical transaction data, offering each customer personalized added value. Recommendations should be included on different pages in the online shop and in the newsletter. The home page of the web shop should be completely personalized as well. Accordingly, the prudsys RDE adapts all of the displayed products, including the tabs, to match each customer’s preferences. The goal is to increase customer retention and satisfaction and to increase sales from recommendations.

The solution

baby-walz opted to start using the prudsys RDE to generate personalized recommendations across all digital touch points. Since the personalization software was integrated in March 2016, customers have enjoyed an individualized shopping experience in the online shop. In the beginning, personalized product recommendations were only generated in the app for the smartphone but compatibility with all other devices soon followed. Customer receive relevant product recommendations on different pages of the online shop. In addition, prudsys came up with a customized solution for the baby-walz home page: A plug-in makes it possible to display personalized categories as well as the related product recommendations from the respective tab. In addition to the online shop and the app, baby-walz will also adjust the content of its newsletter to the individual needs of each recipient. Upon opening the email, personalized recommendations are generated based on customers’ individual surfing and purchasing patterns in the online shop and the shopping cart history. The prudsys RDE also learns from recipient clicking patterns, optimizing the quality of its own content. baby-walz is currently in the integration and test phase of the personalized newsletter.

The result

By integrating the prudsys RDE, baby-walz benefits from a customized sales approach that learns from customer clicking patterns in real time and dynamically adjusts recommendations. Within one year there was a significant increase in the acceptance rate of the recommendations in the online shop as well as sales from recommendations.

baby-walz | Personalization in online shop & newsletter

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