1-2-3.tv: holistic customer approach across all sales channels including webshop, newsletter and call center

Increase of the conversion rate by 5 percentage points for the auction house and home shopping channel.

1-2-3.tv | Recommendations across all sales channels
1-2-3.tv is Germany’s first omni-channel auction house. The company started broadcasting in 2004 and today with over a million customers ranks third on the German teleshopping market. Its recipe for success: exciting auctions combined with traditional home shopping. In addition to live auctions, 1-2-3.tv offers all products at fixed prices on the internet. Customers can use various touch points e.g. on TV, the online shop or the mobile application to choose the products they want from the wide range on offer.

1-2-3.tv now offers its customers real-time personalization on all channels. After successfully implementing prudsys RDE | Recommendations in its online shop environment, the live TV shopping specialist now also offers customers intelligent and personalized product recommendations from its call center and in its newsletter. This combines maximum customer relevance with maximum cost-effectiveness for 1-2-3.tv.


Increase recommendation quality and conversion rate in call center and online shop

Increase relevance, opening counts and conversion rates in newsletters


Implementation of a consistent customer-oriented policy

Automated delivery of product recommendations over all channels

Real-time calculation and adaptation of changes to user interests and inclusion of historical data

Measurably higher conversion rates

Rapid implementation of previously used modules and existing data


Fully personalized sales approach in shop, newsletter and call center

Quality of recommendations increased dramatically

Increased conversion rate by 5 percentage points

The objective

Innovation and customer orientation are the keywords at 1-2-3.tv. In 2009 the omni-channel auction house successfully optimized the operation of its online shop by introducing personalized recommendations. This innovation will now be extended to include the company call center and the newsletter thus making the personalization service possible on all channels. This will now make it feasible for the call center to achieve better conversion rates and a higher recommendation quality. The objectives for the newsletter are to increase relevance rates for individual subscribers, to enhance opening counts as well as its conversion rates.

The solution

The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) offers an ideal package of solutions to meet these challenges. The modular structure of the prudsys RDE also makes it possible to achieve a greater degree of personalization on offers across virtually every customer interaction channel. The module prudsys RDE | Recommendations monitors customer behavior during shopping and uses this data to calculate highly relevant personal recommendations in real time. In addition to data about current shopping habits, the prudsys RDE also uses existing, historical behavioral data. For some time now the recommendations from the 1-2-3.tv call center have been static, i.e. they have not been personalized. With the introduction of the module prudsys RDE | Recommendations, telephone orders will now automatically take into account purchasing information from TV orders and from online shop behavior in real time. This results in product recommendations that are directly tailored to the individual needs of the current customer or person placing an order. The 1-2-3.tv can also be personalized by integrating another prudsys RDE module into the shop and software environment. The module prudsys RDE | Newsletter automatically generates personalized content, in real time, for each newsletter subscriber. Personalized product recommendations, banners and content will be displayed when the newsletter is opened. This guarantees that inventories and customer interests are perfectly up to date at all times. The module can also be used to track and evaluate customer behavior in the newsletter. Recommendations are based on surfing and purchasing behavior in the online shop, information from previous TV orders and the clicking patterns in the electronic newsletter.

The result

Using the prudsys RDE in the online shop, the newsletter and the call center means that the auction house can now implement a fully personalized sales approach. With the use of personalized recommendations in the call center, the quality of recommendations increased dramatically and a conversion rate of 5 percentage points was achieved. Similar results are expected with the newsletter. Combining its all embracing omni-channel sales expertise with implementation of the prudsys RDE, Germany’s most widely used real-time recommendation system, means that 1-2-3.tv could not be better equipped for the electronic market place of the future.

1-2-3.tv | Recommendations across all sales channels

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