HolyArt: a personalized shopping experience in real time

High acceptance rates and increase of conversion rate by 25 %.

holyart Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

Internet shoppers looking for religious items for church functions or private use know that the place to go is HolyArt. The website has customers throughout Europe. HolyArt started in 2006 following a decision by the Pulchra Point shop in Italy to change over completely to the online sales of sacred art and religious items after a successful initial trial period. The range of religious items of HolyArt contains thousands of products and continues to grow daily. The constant updating of the products on offer and the continuous growth of the site’s prestige led HolyArt to choose a recommendation system which meets user needs and guides online shoppers through the wide range of products. HolyArt called on prudsys to implement a recommendation engine which offers visitors of the online shop an easy-to-use, personalized shopping experience. The intended result was a considerable increase in turnover.

holyart Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

The objective

HolyArt needed an intelligent personalization system that overcame the problem of manually selecting content, that could be adapted to the various pages of the shop from the homepage to the checkout page and that could return search results which were pertinent to each customer. The system had to be easy to implement and manage. This meant that HolyArt needed a recommendation engine based on the past and present behavior and interests of all visitors, an engine that learnt fully automatically and responded in real time to each user request. The objective was therefore to find a software which was easy to integrate and manage. The software had to meet user needs by improving site usability with personalized recommendations thereby lengthening increasing the number of products viewed and augmenting sales turnover.

The solution

The solution chosen was prudsys Express, the plug-and-play version of prudsys designed for small and medium enterprises. prudsys Express has the same powerful real-time analytics engine as the Enterprise version but with a few limitations. It is very quick to install. At the start of 2015 HolyArt implemented prudsys Express in its online shop. All that was needed was a Javascript cut and pasted into the pages where the recommendations were to be displayed. The software is provided with a set of ready-configured recommendation rules. The rules selected are based on the experience of prudsys to ensure a high conversion rate and high level of personalization. Once installed the recommendation system started immediately to collect data on shopper behavior and displayed targeted recommendations. The easy implementation and the automatic recommendation system of prudsys enabled HolyArt to reap all the potential benefits of the Recommendation Engine and insert it into all the sections of its site for all countries. The system will soon be extended to the newsletter.

The result

The impact was very high immediately after implementation. The recommendation acceptance rate was 15 %. Sales from recommendations of 12 % of the total revenue have been achieved. The conversion rate has increased by 25 %. This result is proof once again of the high quality of the recommendations of the prudsys RDE. The system offers an attractive, appealing fully personalized shopping experience.

At a glance


  • Solve the problem of manually recommendations
  • Increase conversion rates, sales turnover
  • Fast integration of the Recommendation Engine


  • 1:1 personalization with maximum relevance
  • Implementation of a consistent, customer-oriented policy
  • Real-time calculation and adaptation of changes to user interests and inclusion of historical data


  • Increase in conversion rate of 25 %
  • Acceptance rate of the recommendations of 15 %
  • Sales from recommendations account 12 % of the total revenue

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