Personalized recommendations for schneider, Impressionen, Discovery, Conleys and Gingar.

Turnover from recommendations increases more than 100 % for the brands of creatrade Holding

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creatrade Holding GmbH has established itself as an omni-channel specialist, forming a strategic umbrella for the fashion and lifestyle brands Impressionen, Conleys, Discovery, schneider and Gingar. Customers can purchase products from individual brands via catalogue, internet, smartphone or tablet. The success of the Wedel-based company is due to an unique and attractive range of products and a consistent customer service.
creatrade Holding GmbH chose to implement an intelligent personalization system to ensure that the products on offer online more closely matched the personal requirements of each customer, a sure way to enhance the personal shopping experience. To do this it called on the experience and expertise of the real-time analytics specialist, prudsys AG and implemented the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short). Using the modules prudsys RDE | Recommendations and prudsys RDE | Newsletter, users of the online shop and recipients of the electronic newsletter now receive highly relevant, personalized product recommendations in real time.
Impressionen Onlineshop mit Recommendations mit der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine

The objective

creatrade Holding GmbH operates numerous international online shops, leading names renowned for their focus on customer satisfaction and meeting the individual needs of each customer. The company chose to implement a recommendation engine to meet every user very personally – best practice to enhance the cusomers shopping experience and to boost sales.

The goal was to achieve higher conversion rates as well as great customer satisfaction in the online shops. The objectives for the newsletter included increasing relevance rates for individual subscribers as well as increasing opening counts and conversion rates.

The solution

On a daily basis the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine offers customers in 34 countries a very special shopping experience with around one billion personalized recommendations in over 200 online shops. With a trade volume of over 8 billion USD from recommendations each year, the real-time analytics system is one of the world’s most successful personalization solutions.

The solution was implemented in the respective shopping environments of online shops and newsletters for the brands Schneider (.de, .at, .ch), Impressionen (.de, .at, .ch), Discovery (.de, .at, .ch), Conleys (.de, .at, .ch) and Gingar (.de). Intelligent analysis of buying habits and click patterns mean that customers and shop visitors are shown content with a high degree of personal relevance and that they are guided quickly towards the areas which really interest them.

Once the module prudsys RDE | Recommendations has been quickly implemented in the online shop and has started to generate recommendations from there, the next step is to integrate the prudsys module RDE | Newsletter into the respective shop and software environment. The newsletter module automatically generates a newsletter with personalized content for each recipient (e.g. with product recommendations or personalized content).Recommendations are based on surfing and purchasing behavior in the online shop, shopping basket histories and the clicking patterns in the electronic newsletter.

The module prudsys RDE | Newsletter was first tested at Gingar and following the successful conclusion of the test run it was introduced in the other online shops.

The result

By using the prudsys RDE in the creatrade online shops and newsletters, creatrade Holding GmbH benefits from a strategic, personalized sales approach. In 2013 the company boasted its sales from recommendations by an average of 100 %. The acceptance of recommendations could even be increased by 130 %. Thomas Geuder, Director E-Commerce at creatrade is very pleased about the cooperation with prudsys:

“The implementation of the prudsys RDE has resulted in clear benefits for us and our customers: Customers view content which is relevant to them personally. Recommendations as a percentage of total shop sales have increased significantly.“

At a Glance


  • Personalized product recommendations for each visitor
  • Increase relevance, opening counts, conversion rates and revenue


  • Implementation of a consistent customer-oriented policy
  • Automated delivery of product recommendations over all channels
  • Real-time adaptation of changes to user interests and inclusion of historical data
  • High-value recommendations even for small shopping baskets, in long tail and for new products or content


  • Measurably higher conversion rates and opening counts
  • Increase in turnover from recommendations more than 100 %
  • Increase in the acceptance of recommendations over 130 %

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