Intelligente Preisoptimierung: Personalisierte Coupons mit KI-basierten Pricing-Lösungen von prudsys
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Instead of “Everything 20 % off”: Use Personalized Coupons to Increase Customer Value

Coupons are a proven means of boosting sales in retail. The customer receives a coupon or discount ticket and in exchange for that coupon receives a price discount on a certain product or group of products. For seven years, the American TV series…

What do umbrellas have to do with dynamic pricing?

Do you know how much a basic umbrella costs just off the top of your head? Probably not. Unless you have recently purchased one. Now imagine that you are walking downtown and are caught in a downpour. Your umbrella is in the car, or is it? Depending…
Personalisierung: Warenkorb-Abbrecher zu Käufern machen in Echtzeit mit KI-basierten Personalisierungslösungen von prudsys

Say goodbye to cancelled purchases: Use AI to guide your customer across the finish line

A customer fills his shopping basket, and after completing most of the journey to the final sale, he changes his mind. Losing this revenue so close to the finish line is especially irritating to retailers. According to Onlineshop Basics, an…
Personalisierung: Produktempfehlungen im gleichen Look in Echtzeit mit KI-basierten Personalisierungslösungen von prudsys

The right beach bag for your trip to the lake – thanks to product recommendations with the same look

A good friend is celebrating her birthday in a few days. As a thoughtful person, as I was looking for a gift, it occurred to me that on our last visit to the lake, she didn’t have a beach bag along for her swimming accessories, towels, etc.…
Personalisierung: Automatisierte Zielgruppenselektion für Kampagnen in Echtzeit mit KI-basierten Personalisierungslösungen von prudsys

How to increase your conversion rate with intelligent campaigns

After a brief look at my book newsletter I quickly decide whether to move it to the recycle bin or click on another link. As a fan of detective novels I am always thrilled with newsletters containing new releases in this genre. Children’s…
Intelligente Preisoptimierung: Abschriftenoptimierung & Bestandsoptimierung mit KI-basierten Pricing-Lösungen von prudsys

How to optimize markdown pricing in the fashion industry

Pricing processes in omnichannel retail are extremely complex and rife with influencing factors. Prices on the market change constantly and the number of sales channels is always increasing. The fashion industry in particular is characterized…

Use dynamic pricing to increase hidden earnings in the B2B market

Since the dawn of business, supply and demand have determined the value of goods. In a globalized and digital world in which information speeds across networks every second, the requirements placed on existing pricing methods and price processes…
Intelligente Preisoptimierung: Automatisierung des Longtail mit KI-basierten Pricing-Lösungen von prudsys

Price optimization for long tail products

Price is still the most effective earnings and sales lever for you as a retailer. Category managers face the challenge of finding the right pricing strategy for their range of products. The selection of the appropriate pricing strategy depends…

Artificial intelligence in grocery retail: Increase the purchase value using relevant content via digital signage

Brick-and-mortar business is going through a digital transformation and is in search of suitable strategies to intelligently link the online and offline worlds. Services that make shopping easier, more relevant and more exciting are readily…

GDPR in e-commerce - What you need to know

Legislators are using the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to expand the protection of personal information. The law will come into force on 25 May 2018 and is binding for all companies using the information of European citizens. The…
Definition von künstlicher Intelligenz, Anwendung im Marketing und in der prudsys RDE Recommendation Engine & Zukunftsvision
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Artificial intelligence: from niche technology to hype

Definitions, AI in marketing, AI in retail & what prudsys AG has to do with it When it comes to labeling the next disruptive technology, no term is used as frequently as that of artificial intelligence (AI for short). Regardless of the…
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10 tips to reduce the rate of returns

Online shops are particularly popular at Christmastime when everyone is looking for that perfect gift. Ordering a number of products and sending back the ones they don’t like is a matter of course for most customers. For retailers, however,…

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