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Intelligente Preisoptimierung: Personalisierte Coupons mit KI-basierten Pricing-Lösungen von prudsys
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Instead of “Everything 20 % off”: Use Personalized Coupons to Increase Customer Value

Coupons are a proven means of boosting sales in retail. The customer receives a coupon or discount ticket and in exchange for that coupon receives a price discount on a certain product or group of products. For seven years, the American TV series…

What do umbrellas have to do with dynamic pricing?

Do you know how much a basic umbrella costs just off the top of your head? Probably not. Unless you have recently purchased one. Now imagine that you are walking downtown and are caught in a downpour. Your umbrella is in the car, or is it? Depending…
Personalisierung: Warenkorb-Abbrecher zu Käufern machen in Echtzeit mit KI-basierten Personalisierungslösungen von prudsys

Say goodbye to cancelled purchases: Use AI to guide your customer across the finish line

A customer fills his shopping basket, and after completing most of the journey to the final sale, he changes his mind. Losing this revenue so close to the finish line is especially irritating to retailers. According to Onlineshop Basics, an…