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Three ways artificial intelligence benefits customers and retailers at the point of sale (part 1)

Retailers deal with large amounts of data every day - be it in purchasing, inventory management or price management – throughout all processes along the value chain. Artificial intelligence (AI) supports online and stationary retailers alike…
Personalisierung: Automatisierte Zielgruppenselektion für Kampagnen in Echtzeit mit prudsys, Spezialist für KI im Handel: Dynamic Pricing, Personalisierung & Recommendations

How to increase your conversion rate with intelligent campaigns

After a brief look at my book newsletter I quickly decide whether to move it to the recycle bin or click on another link. As a fan of detective novels I am always thrilled with newsletters containing new releases in this genre. Children’s…
Dynamic Pricing and the Myth of Rising Return Ratios

Dynamic Pricing and the Myth of Rising Return Ratios

The option to return goods free of charge or for a small fee is a significant service for online shoppers. Return options deliver a feeling of "security" for consumers that increases their likelihood of ordering. This increase in potential orders…