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Interview mit Pero Micic - Keynote-Speaker auf dem prudsys retail intelligence summit 2019
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"Pure trade loses value for customers" - Interview with Dr. Pero Mićić

Dr. Pero Mićić is active as an author, entrepreneur, consultant and speaker in the field of future management. He is one of the founders of the Association of Professional Futurists, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the European Futurists…
Personalisierung & Recommendations im Newsletter | Intelligente Echtzeit-Personalisierung von prudsys

Versatile newsletter: how to excite your customers with personalized deals

According to “The Radicati Group” more than 3.8 billion people around the world used electronic mailboxes in 2018, sending and receiving about 281 billion emails per day. The flood of information continuously flowing to each recipient is…
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Six questions about intelligent pricing: couponing, less food waste and demand-oriented prices

Since the dawn of business, supply and demand have determined the price of goods. This principle has not changed in the age of digitization. What has changed, is the speed at which prices rise and fall. Intelligent algorithms support retailers…