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Pioneering the Future of Shopping

Recommendations|Marketing Automation|Dynamic Pricing

Omni-channel personalization for retail

Use the prudsys RDE to maximize the customer value across all sales channels – in real time.

Propose each one of your customers the perfect offer at the perfect time and via the right channel. Thanks to the modular design of our intelligent real-time solution, you can implement as many applications as desired. For example, the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) makes it possible to automatically generate personalized product recommendations paired with individualized coupons. Sustainably increase customer retention and your earnings by personalizing all sales channels in real time. Take advantage of the market leader’s cutting edge technology.

Benefits of the prudsys RDE


Your customers’ preferences change from second to second. The prudsys RDE personalizes your customer interactions over all sales channels in real-time. Thereby you offer each and every shopper at each point in time a unique customer experience of the highest personal relevance.

Omni-channel personalization

The prudsys RDE allows you to address your customers at every touchpoint of the customer journey in a personalized manner – online, on the go and at the POS. A combination of customer behavior analysis and the generation of personalized content takes place across all channels in real time.

Integral approach

The prudsys RDE combines recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing in one single solution. This interconnection puts us in a position to make your personalization strategies a reality, now and in the future.

Artificial intelligence

Our intelligent algorithms are the heart of the prudsys RDE. These intelligent agents adapt to the behavior of the user in real time. Our very own research department works daily on innovative methods in machine learning.

Simple integration

The prudsys RDE is available as a managed service and as a software solution (on premise). In both cases, it can be implemented and configured within a verya short time. Our solution is compatible with every shop system and all mailing services.

High scalability

The prudsys RDE is a high-performance solution that can even process huge amounts of data on an average of 25 milliseconds. This benefits your customers, even those with a product portfolio of several million items, by offering them a personal customer experience in real time.

The Power of Personalization

Learn how to use the prudsys RDE to exceed your customers’ expectations at all touchpoints in just two minutes.

Many goals – one solution

The prudsys RDE integrates recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing.

In the age of digital transformation, customers expect customized offers tailored perfectly to their personal needs at all times, in every place and across all channels. 1:1 marketing is the order of the day. With the prudsys RDE you can offer each one of your customers a positive customer experience at every touchpoint. The combination of recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing in one single powerful real-time solution allows you to successfully implement any application you desire.

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Our customers’ success stories

Take a look at the case studies of leading brands and retailers to learn how to sustainably increase customer retention and earnings through dynamic omni-channel personalization.

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Logo, prudsys RDE, Omnichannel, Handel, E-Commerce, Realtime, Echtzeit, Personalisierung, Personalization, Recommendations
Logo, prudsys RDE, Omnichannel, Handel, E-Commerce, Realtime, Echtzeit, Personalisierung, Personalization, Recommendations
prudsys RDE, Omnichannel, Handel, E-Commerce, Realtime, Echtzeit, Logo, Personalisierung, Personalization, Recommendations

We are excellent

Impressively innovative – prudsys AG has won important industry awards. We are particularly proud of the following awards.

  • Top 100

    For more than 20 years, TOP 100 has been selecting the most innovative German SMEs. It is considered the benchmark for innovation.

  • Innovationspreis-IT

    Every year, Initiative Mittelstand gives out the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT to very innovative products and solutions for SMEs.

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